Chevy Truck with a Hemi

EVER see a chevy with a HEMI?

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Jun 23, 2009

vibesup the only way I tell a 55 and 56 apart is if they still have the hood emblem.55 is like a 54 and in 56 they flip if over and the long line hugs the bottom of the hood.Bet you are the same way by saying 55 or 56?

Jul 24, 2008

I WANT THIS TRUCK!!!....opps sorry ...was i yelling??

Apr 22, 2008

The best thing to do with a Hemi is yank it out of a Mopar and put it in something cool.........Ha Ha just kidding.

Apr 12, 2008

What a waste

Nov 17, 2007

good to see someone didn't do the booring trend of putting a sbc in it.a 350 install is getting old fast.

Oct 21, 2007

Looks better than the one I have....mines been wrecked & parked on a farm 4 yrs ago. Trying to get started again mine ran...

Jun 7, 2007

whats all the negativity for...? if its old...its good...!

May 10, 2007

i want the hemi dog cool moter crappy truck just keep the engine that is al that is worth saving

May 6, 2007

Hemi??....looks like a birds nest to me.

May 1, 2007

dude a hemi??? yeah right

Apr 5, 2007

glad he put something that would haul in it before he left it

Mar 26, 2007

Must be a powerful truck

Feb 23, 2007

Even in this condition, this 55 or 56 Chevy is still worth about $1200 on an average day

Feb 14, 2007

this guy should be shot! for putting the hemi in it, and shot for abandonding it!

Feb 6, 2007

I've seen Hemis in a lot of non Mopar. We have a 1948-50 Ford 1/2 ton in our yard with a 361 in it. It even has the push button transmission control bolted under the dash.

Dec 12, 2006

If only this truck could talk.....

Dec 12, 2006

that is hared to beleve