1952 Chevrolet Pickup Truck
Bob sent us this great photo of his 1952 Chevy Pickup Truck, he uses it as a sign for his Parts store. Thanks "Bob"
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tuckpoint  - August 21, 2010
Doing a 51.Fun trucks On my 5th one.Keeper.
valensage48  - April 22, 2008
I used to get a quarter back in the fifties polishing my older brother's white suade shoes just like those! Ahh Yes, Good Times, 25cents would getcha ah RrowC Cola and a moon-pie, with 3 or 4 pennies left over for a jug of milk come monday at school!
crc93  - February 22, 2008
does this chevy run and is the inside in good condition....
55pickup  - October 31, 2007
Great!!...Thanx Bob, I will be in touch for sure!
bobschevyparts  - August 29, 2007
Yes we have a web site. www.bobschevyparts.com and our phone# is 440-632-1080 We have many parts for these trucks for sale.
chevykid51  - August 25, 2007
bob, do you have a website?
55pickup  - May 1, 2007
Hmmmm!...where were you in 52? lol
digger  - February 5, 2007
Im slowly restorin a 57 chevy truck and lookin for parts do you have a catlog and I would like info on your place my email is [email protected]
bobschevyparts  - January 31, 2007
This is just a neat old chevy truck we have had for many years.And it sure does bring in the customers to buy parts for there old Chevys. Thats 5 stars in my book. Our store is located in Middelfield Oh.
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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