Old Chevrolet Truck
This ones been sitting on Montana for too long...
Community Feedback
fanofrustycars10  - June 20, 2010
I want one, to restore to it's original condition.
valensage48  - April 21, 2008
yeah 55, I was gonna say that whomever tried to hide it didn't do a real good job!
nver2rsty  - January 19, 2008
be a sweet rod
hwyman56  - November 11, 2007
out on li we have 2 of those in good condition and used as potato trucks
55pickup  - October 11, 2007
looks like its trying to hide.....but it was found anyway.....
panelguy  - September 8, 2007
this baby definitely paid its dues...I think the cab and front clip could be saved for a rat rod though.........
53plypat  - May 19, 2007
Lots of these old farm haulers in the rural areas around here (Colorado), many in similar condition. This one is a nice garden ornament.
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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