1968 Chevy Van
This one has already been scrapped...
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ccpanel  - October 1, 2013
just like the 69 I drove for 3? 4 years.
my grammie bought new.
307 SBC and 4 speed manual on column!
power for days.
novanut74  - January 4, 2010
scrapyards are evil
oldtimerider  - August 10, 2008
I had a 1967 Chevy van.It looked like this one but no side glass.I thought that was the last flat front ones and the small little hood came out in 68?So long ago and the only van in the lots of trucks I have owned may be wrong?
hunter1975  - April 5, 2008
was my first vech. but mine had 350 and was sports van 108 the longer version
nver2rsty  - January 19, 2008
that would fit my family of chevy trucks lol
57gazza  - August 3, 2007
we have a Scooby-doo mystery machine Van look a like all painted up running around in St.Catharines Ontario Canada too......very cool to see lol
panelguy  - July 30, 2007
believe it or not 55..there is one like you decribe driving around here....as for this one...it was "stripped" quicker than a dead horse in the desert...!!
55pickup  - May 1, 2007
Hey paint her 2-tone green and just add shaggy and scooby-do!
panelguy  - April 12, 2007
I checked with the yard...they'll only sell parts off it...
dodgewolfgang  - April 12, 2007
yeah where is it? i could use a van like this for daily use.
panelguy  - April 10, 2007
I coulda killed the guy...this thing is complete and totally restorable...in line "6"...3 on the tree....just missing 1 hubcap and the rad...it was an old "St Johns Ambulance" van originally..he was going to sell it to me...then called me to say he dropped off at the scrapyard....???? its still there...hasnt been crushed...so if you need parts....let me know..and I'll tell you where it is..
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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