Old Rusty Truck too far gone
Too bad this one sat for so long waiting for someone to come save it....I used it for parts trucks but in its day it would have been the top of the line. Pontiac 317 V8 plus the rare factory Hydramatic from the factory. Was a big window, deluxe cab with all the chrome, and had a factory radio.
Community Feedback
oldtimerider  - October 10, 2014
Like it but can not tell a 55/56 GMC apart.57 has the peaks on hood like 57 Chevy.
chromenfins  - January 24, 2013
still has lots of potential.
kviper52  - January 3, 2011
impaladan  - December 27, 2010
nice GMC needs to be with my 56 panel truck
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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