1963 Corvair Rampside Pickup
This 1963 Corvair Rampside Pickup, and 1965 Rambler American Station Wagon had been sitting for a long time, and have now been rescued and on there way to restoration.
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chevygilligboy  - February 8, 2010
get that subaru out of the picture
rustysouth  - December 7, 2008
RAMBLER STATION WAGON...........can anyone say GASSER!?!
mcyphert  - November 15, 2008
actually, I meant a NEAT little ride.. so much for that 'C' I got in high school typing class.
mcyphert  - November 15, 2008
that rambler wagon would make a need little ride too. Drop in a 390....
workingclasshotrod  - April 29, 2008
I don't have pics yet, but the guy who got the Corvair has it running again and will be taking it to a local Corvair show in September as a work in progress. I will post a link to the pics then. The guy who got the Rambler also has it running again and has plans for a total full-blown restoration and will show it to us when he is done and I will post a link to those pics too.
hwyman56  - April 28, 2008
thanx for pics.have you done any work on them to post more pics?
fenderuse22  - March 28, 2008
that corvair could be an awesome ride! it looks like a great solid starting point. the Rambler too!
55pickup  - March 26, 2008
great pic and nice rides...thanx for posting them.
workingclasshotrod  - March 18, 2008
Hello, I'm the person who posted this picture. Actually, it's a 1976 Subaru DL. These are the 3 cars we inherited from my grandfather, in all their moss and algae covered glory. The Corvair and Rambler will live to ride again; the Subaru, however, was just too worn out. My grandfather absoloutly loved it to death. Literally. He was always talking about how good of a car it was.
panelguy  - March 17, 2008
Sweet........and is that an old Datsun I see.....?
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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