Old REO work truck
This old REO is being rescued and restrodded!
Community Feedback
rusty95  - November 2, 2011
rustynail1o2, a lot of them wind up in the middle of nowhere because they were being used at the time and broke down and the owners just decided to leave them where they were.
mustangboss  - April 13, 2009
rustynail1o2  - December 21, 2008
i don't onderstand why all these cars/trucks get out here inthe middle of no where. nice find by the way
fastteddybear  - November 20, 2008
she is on her way home and she will pull a rolling parking lot with other show trucks hope to have her done by july
4wheelsandaseat  - August 27, 2008
WOW what a shame a true working mans truck look at that cab it would make a real show winer.
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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