Old flathead V8 Pick up Truck!
An early Classic Ford Pickup abandoned after years of service work. Complete with original flathead V8!
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legratrodder  - May 27, 2009
I build hot rods and every time I see one of these great old cabs, I think "wow, another rat rod project waiting to be built."
55pickup  - August 14, 2008
DUH!...to me I meant disrespectful...
55pickup  - August 14, 2008
opps sorry Rusty rides....didn't mean to make that comment sound so respectful and i do appreciate this site so much and i apologise for my comment.
oldtimerider  - August 9, 2008
1948 is when they went to the next body style unless a overlap?I guess 46-47 allso.
smokey53  - April 21, 2008
This probably has a 59A flattie in it.This truck had all the extras,note two wipers and bullet holes are optional.
oldmanjones  - December 26, 2007
same time frame as 48 panel i had at least sold my 46 ford 1/2 ton and someone else finished it.boy i miss my cars.
panelguy  - November 5, 2007
46/47 looks like
rat40rod  - October 29, 2007
very cool old truck,worth restoring
55pickup  - May 1, 2007
i got news for you rustyrides....some of these are for sale
devonflood  - March 25, 2007
I've seen a Green One of these it is very fast it blew our Holden Right off at the lights
rustyoldman  - August 3, 2006
Alot of work yes but flaty V8 truck is worth it!
rustyrides  - May 23, 2005
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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