Classic truck...Can anyone identify???

Liam sent in some great pictures from Sask and Alberta Canada, Mostly from abandoned farms or from farms that have left them out in the fields to rusty away. Great pictures, thanks Liam

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Mar 3, 2011

its a 31 the grill insert was painted black in 31 0nly

Sep 23, 2009

Its a 1930 or 1931.The second two years of A model Ford cars/trucks have the nice line from the door to the hood like this one.The first two years look more like a model T at this spot with a thin line that does not mate up nice like these with the nice door/cowl line.The grill changed some to but they can be changed so easy you can not all ways go by that.The first two years in A model pick up trucks are taller and more squared.Like both but these better.

Dec 21, 2008

going to have to agree with the other people. ford

Jul 31, 2008

Its a A Ford.They made them four uears 1928-1931.See the gas tank in front of the windshield?1932 I like better.They put the gas tank in back and grill shield is new.Lots of model A cars and trucks still around.Lots of street rods run 32 grills on them because they fit easy.A model had a down draft carb.32was first v-eight for ford and fuel pump for the tank at the back now.They still made the four allso for a few years.

Jul 24, 2008

looks like an old 1930-33 Ford

Jul 24, 2008

now this would be sweet to have.....

Jul 12, 2008

A 1st degree fellon hear