Automobiles driving through flooded intersection in L.A. - 1950

TOUGH GOING--This intersection of Sepulveda Blvd. and Slauson Ave. yesterday offers a typical scene of what motorists in Los Angeles had to contend with as they went about their work. The rain started before dawn and was fairly general throughout the Southland. The storm was welcomed especially by citrus growers. Publication: Los Angeles Times Publication date: November 14, 1950

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Jan 23, 2013

Those are sweet!

Jul 5, 2010

Ah! This is killing me, knowing most of these cars have been crushed or are rotting some place in a feild! I love that Dodge on the far right, just driving into the water.

May 21, 2010

i would love to go back to the 50s for a day the 60s for a day then the 70s for a day just so c all those cars we now coonsider Ultra valuble and super sikk

Dec 24, 2009

When I was a kid in the 50's it was not unusual for 30's coupes and roadsters to drive by. This was a typical street scene (except for the water) in my neighbor hood. I used to see a '32 Ford Vicky almost everyday. Those cars wore out and people couldn't wait to get their new '58 Impala or Fairlane. It's just how it was.

Jul 12, 2009

and down the stretch their 3 wide

May 17, 2009

early 50's attempt at a drive tru car wash

Jul 24, 2008

Nifty photograph!