Gas Pumps
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brittius  - April 12, 2012
Leaded motor fuel used different aromatics. High octane BEGAN at 100-octane and better; 101 ; etc. My first gallon I purchase for my car cost 29 cents for 101 octane. It was called sweet gas. Last a real long time, too. Two dollar fill-ups.
klattu  - September 9, 2011
Gas smelled better back then... that lead aroma
hwyman56  - April 28, 2008
thats cool!!lil paint and tlc they would look like new!!any idea how old?
panelguy  - April 28, 2008
Now if only we could buy gas at the price it was when these beauties were in use....its almost $6 a gallon here in Northern Ontario Canada.....
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Created: May 08, 2008 By: oldride
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