1969 Fury III Survivor with a 440
1969 Fury III Survivor with a 440
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turboomni  - October 18, 2016
Yes you have dementia and my car is proof! These cars roamed the earth in many numbers but for a very short time. The salt killed them in short order and the only cars that were saved were the convertibles and the smaller pony type and B body cars of the same maker. This beast is over 19 feet long and has highway gears with the 440. It is basically a highway police car of that era with 2 doors. The Highway patrol cars of this era could get close to 150 mph with the 440 and correct gearing. I hope in your condition you will not forget this. But most likely you will.
turboomni  - August 19, 2016
Well I guess too many from this era have dementia to remember this thing......
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Created: Aug 26, 2013 By: oldride
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