1962 15 Window Deluxe VW Bus

This is my VW story and I'm sticking to it.... A good friend told me about this 1962' 15 window deluxe bus sitting in Vancouver, WA. rotting away in a field. The PO(previous owner) had good intentions, however it sat for years and years waiting for his hands to touch it. After some phone calls and negotiations we came to an agreement on a price. When I first seen her I was very excited to see the original paint bleeding through the green spray paint that was applied. I've since then, removed all the re-spray green paint and brought it back to the original color of "Turkis", which is turquise green. I saved every rust patch on the bus, and I plan on rollin it just the way it is. I love that patina look and the rust patches look awesome. Thanks to "Vacaville Auto Body Center" for helping bring back my... Rat Rod Patina Monster! I've attached the photos of the bus, before & after shots. Thanks again, skinnerclassics

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Feb 2, 2013

great save,the PO probably would have never done enything