1961 Cadillac
Troy sent this Rusty Ride photo, of an ol' tired '61 Cadillac that still has some life left in her.
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junkyardmustang  - March 31, 2010
paint it flat black with red rims and glassbacks
luvmydads62galaxie  - November 4, 2009
Curious to learn about what kind of engine that is under the hood...
luvmydads62galaxie  - October 21, 2009
Appears that SNARFY is correct. A 1963 Cadillac according to car-nection.com Kudos to SNARFY.
snarfy  - October 15, 2009
If that's a '61, I'll eat it. '61 Coupe De Villes had the same or similar bubble top as the other GM's. This is a '63 or '64.
53plypat  - September 6, 2009
Neighbor of ours has one, same year HT and same paint condition. Great runner and the rat rodders love it.
troyboy  - June 23, 2009
came out of the same barn the 51 flat bed did. on old rusty trucks rides. not the barn in the photo.
legratrodder  - June 20, 2009
Times have changed. This would draw a crowd at the car shows. Looks like a runner to me.
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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