Old, Rusty, 4 door Pontiac
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demondog  - July 3, 2010
THe old Pontiac is gone now too. Became another donor for someones project. Once loaded up the back under carraige was badly rotted.
demondog  - March 28, 2010
The black car is a 63 Pontiac Laurentian. The Brown and white car was a 61 Lesabre 4dr ht. It got salvaged for another car. The Pontiac could be saved, there is a 2nd one there.
junkyardmustang  - January 27, 2010
1966 pontiac 4 door
junkyardmustang  - May 28, 2009
to 66sprint200 look's like a old ford falkin
ericb  - May 5, 2009
That's no little car, it's a full size 1961 Buick. Either a LeSabre or Invicta. Nailhead power...
66sprint200  - April 24, 2009
Whats's the little white car to the left?
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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