Can anyone identify this Rusty Ride?
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hollie1963  - January 20, 2015
It's a NSU, an old German car. Today better known as Audi.
captainhowdy  - March 23, 2013
Somebody put thier Corvair in the dryer for too long.
spaceldmf  - January 28, 2013
It's a fiat
badbill  - September 26, 2012
It's a fiat
79fordfanatic  - March 4, 2011
according to my eyes and the front emblem it may be a volvo
kiltyarse  - September 30, 2010
NSU, possibly Sport Prinz? Nice reg too!
dugg63  - July 3, 2010
looks like an old bmw
runnernut  - February 13, 2010
maybe late 50's early 60's NSU Prinz
chevygilligboy  - August 21, 2009
this car is an NSU.possibly.lots of foreign makers copied the corvair design in the 60s to 70s
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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