1968 Dodge Charger
1968 Dodge Charger, just sitting around going in the ground!
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joker3783  - August 21, 2009
i know where one is sitting in a field but the guy won't sell it
junkyardmustang  - June 29, 2009
hey mustangluver the general lee was a 69 they ran out and put 69 grill's on 70's and 68's.
mustangluver  - July 12, 2008
hey vwbugfreak this is a 68 i believe the General Lee was a 69 but they do have the same body style
vwbugfreak  - May 3, 2008
Paint it orange put a rebel flag on the roof and a big 01 on the doors LOL
joewhite36  - May 1, 2008
I like it I also locate cars for people in arkansas,and cali
heimboy  - April 10, 2008
i had one of these 426 4 on the floor had it in storage then the place burned down gone is my hemi
heimboy  - April 10, 2008
i inherited it when i was 10 im 13 now and was half way to driving it out of storage
panelguy  - April 9, 2008
A 318 ....not exactly bad....lol....these things need at least a 383 to be "BAD" in my opinion...and Mopar pretty much ruled in the 60's with the Hemi...!
79rangerxlt  - April 8, 2008
my mom had a 69 with a 318 talk about a bad car
chevyhead  - April 6, 2008
not a big mopar fan but these cars were "bad" an era when cars were made of steel. wonder whats under the hood, is it a hemi?
55pickup  - April 4, 2008
she'll live again....I'd bank on it!
panelguy  - April 2, 2008
I really like those keystone rims.....reminds me of my old "Hot wheels" cars...WAYYY back...lol.
street454  - April 2, 2008
She don't look too bad. Get all the Keystones on it and go cruisin!
panelguy  - April 1, 2008
Actually....it looks like its up on blocks...looks like she'll live again.... we hope...!!!
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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