1964 Chevrolet Impala 4 Door

1964 Chevrolet Impala, Lots of good parts left.

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Mar 3, 2013

thats so cool.what the heck is it doing in that field.it should be in my garage under restoration. it would look great with new tires, engine rebuild,little body work and a fresh coat of paint. and of coarse new windows.

Oct 20, 2011

Wazzup Guys Had one of these in 1965, same color ,only it was a 2dr H/T, 283 car ,powerglide . Use to go the dragstrip and watch the 409s run. Made me sick, and drool. Saying to myself : Someday. So be it , in 2004 I found and bought a 63 Impala SS 409 / 340 HP powerglide car with 64,000 miles matching numbers. Drove it for 1 summer and did a total frame off resto. Took 6 months, with " a little bit of help from my friends " Turned out to be a beautiful ride. At our Atlantic Nationals, 2006 in Moncton N.B. Canada ,I had Chip Foose sign my sunvisor, which was kind of neat. Have a good one !

Jul 3, 2010

This car reminds me of the car My grandfather had when I was a kid. He had a blue 4dr sedan just like this car. Traded it in for a 74 Nova, which I inherited and 2months later a 4x4 drove over it totaling it at 34,000 miles.

May 5, 2009

Funny story. My college roommate drove his fathers '63 4 dr to school a few times. We were out drinking (times have changed fortunately) anyway, the rear windows only cranked half way down in those days. I threw a beer bottle out the window and didn't realize that it was halfway and I broke the window. The next day we went to a junkyard and bought a window. Years later, long after the car was gone, his dad asked us what happened to the car window. The glass we bought was tinted and the rest of the car was clear. We never saw it and he did. He just smiled when we told him we had broken his window. Kids!!

Nov 27, 2007

it's a '63

Oct 2, 2007

this is a 1963 Impala I had one!

Mar 20, 2007

Is that a 65 Malibu next to it?

Feb 16, 2007


Feb 12, 2007

put on some hydraulics,and let it hop

Dec 19, 2006

It's a 63.

Dec 13, 2006

thats what i'm looking for!!!

Oct 25, 2006

Guest that posted first comment - contact me. I can maybe help you.

Aug 2, 2006


May 24, 2005

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