Chevy Camaro
Rot and rust is the new owner of this Camaro
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caliwarrior63  - August 17, 2014
1969 Camaro.
crazy4camaros  - August 14, 2011
What a shame that's a dream car
junkyardmustang  - April 11, 2011
thats sad theirs my moms dream car
legratrodder  - April 6, 2011
Yuk.. Nice color. That Moline next to it probably wants to hook a chain to it and drag it to it's final resting place. Sad
smokenm  - February 22, 2011
This Camaro is among 20+ vehicles sitting on an abandoned farm here in Iowa. I know someday I will drive by and all will be gone. There are new subdivisions all around it.
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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