AMC Rambler Station Wagon
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keebler  - April 17, 2014
thib car is mossed up
mcyphert  - March 28, 2012
maybe something out of a 50's horror movie...."Swamp Thing"
klattu  - September 9, 2011
Kinda Steven King looking
crazy4camaros  - August 14, 2011
Never heard of the moss top
53plypat  - April 24, 2011
Lot of cars in the Pac Northwest end up like this. Bonus in that it looks like someone dropped a tree on it.
partsman84  - March 23, 2011
Looks like someone thought it was a good idea to save this car by covering it with grandma's old green shag carpet instead of tarping it. No Mas No Mas!
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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