1966 Pontiac
Here's a picture of an old 1966 Pontiac that would make a great restoration project!
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mercmad  - November 12, 2008
i had one in 1972,421 with Dual quads and 4 speed. intake was home made (!) and the cam was ground by some guy who did speed equipment for boats....fast? you bet!
gengle24  - August 15, 2008
My neighbor has a '65 GTO under his awning. Nice car, wants to move it, documented by PHS. 400 engine, dual gate shifter in console. Runs great!
rkepner  - January 27, 2008
Is this car for sale? Please contact me if so. This was my dads race car when I was born, and I am looking to get him a project car for his 60th birthday for us to restore together. Thanks
roostergto  - January 26, 2008
i got 2 in colorado
oldskooljunkie  - June 8, 2007
You think u could find any old cars near cleveland thanx
ta7pac  - June 7, 2007
it looks like it is wrecked
mcconnell  - January 26, 2007
Hey i was wondering if you knew were i could find some other Pontiac's near Sudbury? I found some cool ones near the French river bridge going towards Toronto. but there not for sale. thanks!
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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