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I have what I believe Is a 1985 Rolls Royce . Can anyone tell me what model tthey believe It Is?
asked by    rocketsfan2222
posted:   April 17, 2012 in: Other Makes
answers:   2 - Closed
I have a 1952 cadillac and need to find what series it is? ie..60,62...?Style is 52-6019X.
asked by    watts12
posted:   April 6, 2012 in: Cadillac
answers:   1 - Closed
vin number on IH truck
asked by    curtis1955
posted:   February 22, 2012 in: Classic Trucks
answers:   1 - Closed
I now own a KB-5 International truck , how can I use the VIN. number to learn the year model.
asked by    curtis1955
posted:   February 19, 2012 in: Classic Trucks
answers:   2 - Closed
How to find make model @ yr. with only mfg. @ part #s on old new parts bought at auction.?
asked by    2sammy95
posted:   February 10, 2012 in: Help Identify
answers:   1 - Closed
Need help deciphering wheel codes
asked by    inheritedthismess
posted:   February 8, 2012 in: Help Identify
answers:   1 - Closed
about that dagenham question-
asked by    classic8
posted:   February 2, 2012 in: Mercury
answers:   1 - Closed
can someone tell me what exactly is a dagenham?
asked by    classic8
posted:   January 23, 2012 in: Mercury
answers:   2 - Closed
How much is an intact windshield from a 1915 Chevrolet Baby Grand worth?
asked by    darwin715
posted:   December 5, 2011 in: General Questions
answers:   1 - Closed
Need ashtray for dash of F series 49 - 50 Ford Truck. Any leads would be appreciated.
asked by    stein
posted:   December 5, 2011 in: Ford
answers:   3 - Closed

What is the easiest way to tell the difference between a 1967 muncie and saginaw 4 spd trans.
asked by    veight
posted:   September 18, 2011 in: General Questions
answers:   2 - Closed
On a 67 Chevelle, can you tell what month a car rolled off the assembly line, by looking at the #s?
asked by    veight
posted:   September 11, 2011 in: Chevrolet
answers:   2 - Closed
Where can I find new or reproduction springs for my 64 Impala 2 dr hardtop front seat?
asked by    cardplayer2nite
posted:   September 8, 2011 in: Chevrolet
answers:   1 - Closed
Does anyone know what this belongs to?
asked by    franknvicki
posted:   September 4, 2011 in: Help Identify
answers:   4 - Closed
The front bench seat on the Dynamic 88 looks like same frame GM used on other models.What were they?
asked by    baldguy62
posted:   August 30, 2011 in: Oldsmobile
answers:   3 - Closed
1986 Pontiac Grandprix 2+2 how many were produced.. they seem very scarce.
asked by    frederick
posted:   August 24, 2011 in: Pontiac
answers:   2 - Closed
info 1986 pontiac grand prix 2+2
asked by    frederick
posted:   August 24, 2011 in: Pontiac
answers:   1 - Closed
why is my car overheating?
asked by    morodder
posted:   August 20, 2011 in: Ford
answers:   8 - Closed
1978 Dodge 318 engine, automatic or manual transmission. That is the question!
asked by    jsparks
posted:   August 4, 2011 in: Dodge
answers:   1 - Closed
Are there any issues with installing a 1978 small block 318 in a 1970 D-100 pickup?
asked by    jsparks
posted:   August 2, 2011 in: Dodge
answers:   1 - Closed
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