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whats a 1949 Dodge standard cab truck worth ?
asked by    1949dodgestandardcab
posted:   March 9, 2008 in: Dodge
answers:   1 - Closed
Am I asking to much for my 1972 C20 4x4 pickup?
asked by    rsl8er
posted:   February 28, 2008 in: Classic Trucks
answers:   2 - Closed
Which Electric Fuel Pump is good for my 1961 Lincoln Continental?
asked by    afinelincoln
posted:   February 25, 2008 in: Lincoln
answers:   1 - Closed
How do you get that picture in the box next to your question?
asked by    camaro68
posted:   February 21, 2008 in: Site Suggestions & Comments
answers:   1 - Closed
What is the wheel bolt pattern for a 1963 Chevy Impala?
asked by    brotino9
posted:   February 14, 2008 in: Chevrolet
answers:   1 - Closed
I just bought a VW Westy & I need advice on repairing rust. I'm new to classic cars!?
asked by    voodoochile
posted:   February 12, 2008 in: Volkswagen
answers:   1 - Closed
any info. on 1985 tahoe deisel S10 pickup
asked by    tahoe
posted:   February 1, 2008 in: Chevrolet
answers:   1 - Closed
Does anyone know how many Hurst Edition Jeep Commandos were produced?
asked by    hurstsogood
posted:   February 1, 2008 in: Classic Trucks
answers:   2 - Closed
How do I put a photo in the Rusty Rides section???
asked by    hubbabubba
posted:   January 31, 2008 in: General Questions
answers:   1 - Closed
In need of 1966 Dodge Charger info...
asked by    gofasthemi
posted:   January 31, 2008 in: Dodge
answers:   2 - Closed

Does anyone know where I can get parts for a 1969 Chevy Pickup?
asked by    corvetteali
posted:   January 31, 2008 in: Vehicle Maintenance
answers:   1 - Closed
Where can I find a list of available options for a 1968 Oldsmobile 442
asked by    dman
posted:   January 31, 2008 in: Oldsmobile
answers:   1 - Closed
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