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Where can I find generator brackets?
asked by    capnkelly
posted:   September 16, 2008 in: Pontiac
answers:   2 - Closed
Can anyone provide info on an engine rebuild?
asked by    capnkelly
posted:   September 11, 2008 in: Pontiac
answers:   2 - Closed
Older Chevrolet wheel cover identification
asked by    mred355
posted:   September 9, 2008 in: Chevrolet
answers:   2 - Closed
Can anyone help me find the weight of this vehicle?
asked by    schafferhermit
posted:   September 5, 2008 in: Ford
answers:   2 - Closed
i have a 73 omega .It has a 350 in it.How can i identify this motor?Is it a 4 bolt main?
asked by    underdog67
posted:   September 2, 2008 in: Oldsmobile
answers:   2 - Closed
How do you install the center console springs to the console door in a 1965 Ford Mustang
asked by    beebop
posted:   July 30, 2008 in: Ford
answers:   1 - Closed
How rare is a 1969 s/c Rambler?
asked by    mph
posted:   July 22, 2008 in: Amc
answers:   1 - Closed
What's the difference between the hardtop and the sedan?
asked by    kasy
posted:   June 17, 2008 in: Chevrolet
answers:   1 - Closed
71 charger vin wp23g1a158505 please help me identify this code.
asked by    underdog67
posted:   June 8, 2008 in: Dodge
answers:   1 - Closed
Year , Model details required - wrecker truck 30's 40's ?
asked by    foxleydawson
posted:   June 6, 2008 in: Classic Trucks
answers:   1 - Closed

Looking for my first old ride. Want a complete ride. Have $6-$8k to spend, any suggestions? 60's er
asked by    bbhouse2428
posted:   June 1, 2008 in: General Questions
answers:   3 - Closed
How do you decode a vin number for a 66 Buick GS?
asked by    cougarguy62
posted:   May 2, 2008 in: Buick
answers:   1 - Closed
1940 Deluxe Business Coupe Dash
asked by    terres40
posted:   April 29, 2008 in: Ford
answers:   2 - Closed
To justify: Will all 47-54 truck outer panels interchange? Many folks argue that not all models will
asked by    valensage48
posted:   April 24, 2008 in: Chevrolet
answers:   1 - Closed
I am looking for the corner lamp Bezels for a 1968 Impala?
asked by    peace
posted:   April 18, 2008 in: Chevrolet
answers:   2 - Closed
Who make the most durable, near stock, front drum to power power disc brake conversion kit.?
asked by    sixone
posted:   April 13, 2008 in: General Restoration
answers:   3 - Closed
What kind of info do buyers want when you are selling a Classic Car?
asked by    willthethrill
posted:   April 7, 2008 in: General Questions
answers:   1 - Closed
Will the rear fenders of a 54 chev pu fit a 54 panel? Other 54 chev panel questions?
asked by    valensage48
posted:   March 22, 2008 in: Chevrolet
answers:   2 - Closed
Anyone have a picture of 1960 or 1961 HO exhaust manifolds?
asked by    pontiacsd
posted:   March 13, 2008 in: Pontiac
answers:   1 - Closed
What is the ss body trim called located on the fenders of a 54 chev panel? I can't locate it online
asked by    valensage48
posted:   March 12, 2008 in: General Questions
answers:   2 - Closed
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