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how many Jetstar 88's came with factory 4-speeds
asked by    naltieri
posted:   November 11, 2018 in: Oldsmobile
answers:   0 - Open
Hy Guys, I am writing from Brazil , I have two questions first :P18 Plymouth 1949 gear box capacity?
asked by    jorgelaporta
posted:   November 2, 2018 in: General Restoration
answers:   0 - Open
361 to 426 wedge mopar swap
asked by    robbyt48
posted:   November 1, 2018 in: Dodge
answers:   1 - Open
How did the Super Stock Drag Racers raise the front end of their cars in the early 1960's? 61 Impala
asked by    brotheral
posted:   October 23, 2018 in: Chevrolet
answers:   5 - Open
how do i enter a wanted parts. i need 2-4 chev c20 hubcaps 1969-72
asked by    johnsst2
posted:   October 15, 2018 in: Help Identify
answers:   0 - Open
WTB 1978 Plymouth Sport Fury
asked by    78plymouth
posted:   October 11, 2018 in: Plymouth
answers:   1 - Open
What is wrong with 1965 ford galaxie 500 big block with 352 motor?
asked by    stacyberger42gmail
posted:   October 7, 2018 in: Ford
answers:   1 - Open
front coil springe
asked by    oldbill2
posted:   September 25, 2018 in: Chevrolet
answers:   2 - Open
Is it possible to convert a 91 Lincoln Continental to a convertible?
asked by    91lincoln88267
posted:   September 4, 2018 in: Lincoln
answers:   2 - Open
F250 Patina finish not appreciated
asked by    atlas45
posted:   September 3, 2018 in: Ford
answers:   0 - Open

How do I receive payment for an item I have listed for sale?
asked by    aprilann1982
posted:   September 2, 2018 in: General Questions
answers:   1 - Open
Where can I get a build sheet for a 1963 Chevrolet Bel Air 4 door
asked by    1963chevy
posted:   September 1, 2018 in: Chevrolet
answers:   2 - Open
asked by    257chevies
posted:   August 29, 2018 in: Chevrolet
answers:   0 - Open
How do I get my '67 GTO to be the Featured Car on your website?
asked by    redgoat
posted:   August 28, 2018 in: General Questions
answers:   0 - Open
cost to run an ad in classified oldride.com
asked by    52pearlorange
posted:   August 25, 2018 in: General Questions
answers:   1 - Open
1971 Chevelle has 565 cu in big block with Vintage Air front runner kit with alt, A/C,power steering
asked by    jbwatson1944
posted:   August 21, 2018 in: Chevrolet
answers:   0 - Open
Has spark, using starting fluid, but no fire
asked by    jax632
posted:   August 20, 2018 in: Ford
answers:   2 - Open
I want to upgrade the engine on my 51 wagon. What are your recommendations?
asked by    eob
posted:   August 19, 2018 in: Chevrolet
answers:   3 - Open
power steering upgrade on 1957 3600 chevy truck
asked by    oneolfella
posted:   August 18, 2018 in: Chevrolet
answers:   1 - Open
Can speedometers be calibrated
asked by    metalbender
posted:   August 17, 2018 in: Dodge
answers:   3 - Open
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