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What is an Avatar

What is an Avatar? 

An Avatar is the picture located next to your username.  It can be made up of a stock image provided by OldRide or a photo of your car, dog, house, monkey, etc.  Here is an example:

 yourusername (2



 To add an Avatar to your MyOldRide Account:

  • Sign into your MyOldRide Account
  • Click on the Avatar tab located on the right of the screen under My Account
  • To choose an Avatar
    • Click on a stock photo from our library
    • Upload your own photo by clicking on the Browse button > Select Photo > then click on the Upload Button.
  • If no Avatar is selected, you will have an Avatar Stock photo.
  • Avatar's can be deleted at anytime by clicking on Delete My AvatarNote:  this will return your settings to the Avatar Stock Photo.

The Avatar you use to represent yourself cannot be in violation of OldRide's Uploading Policy - click here

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