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1960's Chevrolet
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tools  - November 4, 2011
'67 Chevelle.
thecarsavior  - January 8, 2010
looks like a 66 to me but its to far apart to tell for sure
asosa4  - May 4, 2008
I would love to see her on the road again
4wheelsandaseat  - February 29, 2008
old school low rider here
chevy57  - January 3, 2008
65 Impala. years ago my friend rolled a 65 ragtop 3 times and got out without a scratch.
1965fastback  - November 28, 2007
how much do you want for this car because I will give you 1,100.00 for the car because it looks very good
409impala  - November 9, 2007
Three raised round on each side...definately a 65...I see the cowl tag...if it starts with 166 it's a super sport...
panelguy  - November 9, 2007
looks just like the 65 on page 12.....
panelguy  - November 9, 2007
Three raised red ones on either side....does that help....?
409impala  - November 9, 2007
My guess is a 65 or 66 impala. The Caprice back window (behind the door window) is not triangular it is more of a square. If I could just see the brake lights.
panelguy  - October 15, 2007
65 to 67 Impala or Caprice...?
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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