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1937 International
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radiorich  - November 14, 2008
Say, now I have a little in common with this one ! ! ! (I'm a 1935) !
55pickup  - July 23, 2008
great potential here for sure.....looks like everythings there, just needs some TLC now....
valensage48  - April 30, 2008
That old gal would be absolutely gorgeous all chromed out!
36dbpickup  - April 13, 2008
nice...just checked out the pics...i like how you left the body virtually untouched...leaves its history and stories to be told.
13yearoldtrucklover  - January 2, 2008
I'll pay $400 for this buety.
78fordf250  - December 5, 2007
thats not a 1937 it a 1935 model
devonflood  - October 16, 2007
Old trucks with this body style look very mean when rodded in Australia we cal them Utes
gator01  - September 19, 2007
more pics up at
409impala  - September 7, 2007
Just checked out the pics...awesome!
gator01  - August 19, 2007
more pics at
gator01  - August 19, 2007
just tagged this 'ol truck titled 1937 c1.
panelguy  - August 19, 2007
I really like the shot of the hupcaps.
trifives  - August 18, 2007
dang my spelling sucks..... collect.... biuld lol
trifives  - August 18, 2007
this is a 33-36 i colect them and biuld wreckers from them but it is a nice truck
gator01  - August 14, 2007
she is all original and runs great it will be a ratrod soon.Will post more pics soon!
57gazza  - August 3, 2007
not lookin too bad for a 1937...well worth restoring....wonder if its for sale?
cseries  - July 24, 2007
That is one clean looking old truck. Any more pictures of it? Hard to find pieces - but it would be best left alone. Love to rescue it.
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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